orange girl

Orange Girl solo exhibition

Orange Girl The solo exhibition of NFT based multimedia artworks Exhibition Holder: Dena gallery Gallery Manager: Faranak Ahmadzadeh Art Director: Parsi Studio Technical Director: Farhang Parsikia Translator: Narges Marandi The artworks are exhibited on Opensea platform and other media related to Dena gallery. Statement: “The could be people who didn’t understand our way of…

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The work of Saba Tabkhi in water’s group exhibition

water Attempts to stop environmental demolition is particularly involved with social matters. Social Justice and Environmental Justice are ultimately connected. Should they are not practiced, one’s promotion might result in other’s decrease. Environment eventually encounters decrease and metamorphosis leading to human welfare’s depreciation. Saba Tabkhi 2021 To see the work, visit the Dena Gallery page…

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“American Dream”

The work of Mohammad Shams in Trump’s group exhibition

“American Dream” Antisocial personality disorder (APD) is a mental status defined by individuals disregard for morals and social norms and the rights and feelings of others. Individuals with this personality disorder may be impulsive, reckless along with sever feeling of superiority. Alfred Adler, medical doctor and psychotherapist believed neuroticism originates from deep feeling of humiliation…

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