!Naked Art
Picasso once mentioned that he likes to create an artwork which production could not be discoverable to anyone. Yet, it is the opposite in the world of constant production. Today’s important issue is analysing the situation of art and producing artwork and its relation with the audience. In this respect, this video is the place for producing art in its barest possible way. The backstage of an artwork is exhibited so the viewer views the procedure of producing the artwork. Artists descend to reduce the distance with the audience and offer them ways of exhibiting their life experiences and their perception towards life. Artists would degrade themselves from magicians to technicians to acquaint with humans and speak with them. After exhibiting, the viewer knows the length of the artwork, technique, date original and even the software/application. In spite of politics in which everything is secretly performed, there is no secrecy in art. This project was an opportunity to negate the distance of art and artist from the audience. There has been many political figures such as Donald Trump; individuals who create a one-person orchestra and tend to con you anyway. Their multi-aspect characteristics is their similarity link. It is what has been emphasised in the multi-aspect of the form.

Sina yaghoubi

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